Cheddar Extreme Motopark is a Motocross practice track located near Cheddar, UK. We have a store selling all products and services required for motocross. The store and track is a permanent venue which is used for practice and throughout the year, weather dependent. There are two tracks, one for beginners and the main track which is the more technical larger layout.

Table tops, banked super cross style berms, ski jumps, long sweeping corners and a rhythm section means there is something here for all abilities. Sessions are normally split into Senior Junior and Expert. The track is very well looked after and graded regularly, if a section becomes too rutted or dangerous then it is sorted out in between sessions. Marshals are on track during practice, toiletry facilities and a large pit area are also provided.

Lap of the revamped Cheddar Extreme motocross practice track

Dacha Greco – Basement 3 (filmed at Cheddar MX)

CineFlite – Cheddar Moto X